What Technology Do You Need Every Day?

I have a few tech tools that I honestly use every day that I can add to the list right away. However, I also know that my list may change tomorrow if something comes along that might change. OK, I agree. I use a variety of techniques throughout the day and every day. I decided to accept it and register with the things I love.


What techniques do I use every day?

I thought I was special and, like most people, when I woke up in the morning,
First, I checked my discarded cellphone and headlines today. After that, I continued to make coffee in my Keurig and then went for my laptop. I also use an iPad Pro, but I use my Mac for heavy work such as writing and serving. Remember, I talk about tech tools I use all the time, so my list looks boring sometimes, but for now, they’re not traditional.



How Does Technology Affect Our Daily Lives?

We all realize that technology massively affects every aspect of our lives. It won’t change, and that’s OK. Word, it’s very difficult to keep up with all the changes! We all know that technology has improved health care, education, transportation, food, manufacturing, and even entertainment. Most of them are without our attention, and we only ponder over them. Admittedly, I don’t suggest this is the only exceptional tool and application, but they are what I use daily.


Technology Services:

Apple Pay-

Apple has made it easy to make purchases and keep all your credit card numbers secure. Therefore, I agree that we all use all the protections available on our cellphones, such as 6-conduct codes, fingers, and facial recognition. Seriously, who can get it? I haven’t heard of anyone whose Apple Pay was hacked.

You don’t need to save your credit card; you just save it to your cellphone or view it with a contact reader. Sometimes, when making a purchase, the app will just ask you to select Apple – then you enter.

Also, for added security, did you know that when you use Apple Pay, retailers don’t have access to your card number, not even Last4-Confession? Apple provides a cellphone or device account number for viewing and is then securely encrypted and stored in a special chip on the iPhone and Apple Watch. Hundreds of thousands of stores accept Apple, and as I said, many applications do too.
I also use Apple Pay for Uber.


Google Maps-

What I know about Google Maps may surprise you. You already know that you can provide good directions anywhere, but did you know that this application has more goals than Apple Maps on Google Maps? For example, you just say “OK, Google, restaurants,” and all the restaurants around you appear. I was amazed by all the other things google can do on a map which I swoon about but am happy to have. Instead of describing all of that, check out 44 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try – From PC Magazine – Amazing.



The grammar I use is a free version, and I haven’t found a reason to change it. I’ve written a lot, so I can’t imagine my life without him. Grammarly not only checks your spelling and grammar but also gives suggestions for sentence structure and punctuation. If you want to check it out, here’s the grammar.


The Weather Channel-

This is one of the easiest applications, but it is also quite boring. That being said, I’m from the Midwest, and I’ve heard people from the Midwest talk more about the weather than others. But how cool is it to look at the radar for a storm in seconds, check the weather for your upcoming vacation, or check your local temperature?


Apple News

Apple News is my favorite place for all the news. I like that I can choose which topic I like and my favorite channel. You can leave information so that new stories appear on your lock screen, but that’s too much for me. I am very worried about the work I do. When I wanted to see the day’s news, I swiped to the right.



Apple’s Notes

I use Apple Notes every morning to set up my day because it’s so easy to track side by side. I have to continue to focus on my work. I use Apple Notes to manage everything in my digital life, from food inventory to taxes. To see how I do it, see How to manage your digital life with Apple’s Notes. I think Apple Note is one of the best applications from Apple and everyone uses it.


Amazon Music-

I’m a member of Amazon Prime, so it makes sense that I tried Amazon Music. I like to find any song I like in seconds. Music is easy to regulate, and I can play music, stations, or my recommendations from Amazon. Another plus is that my Amazon Music is always available on our devices, so we can play it anywhere.


Looking for friends:

I know that some people think the Find Friends application is a privacy invasion. Nonsense. For me, it is one of the best security applications ever. Our whole family uses it. If someone is traveling late, you may need to look for the exact location.

The problem is that other people must accept you as a friend before they can follow you, so it’s not because you spy on someone without their knowledge. Also, you can unfollow yourself anytime

We recently took a trip to where our son lived but wanted to surprise him, so I turned off his friends when he checked in and saw we were on the way! Another good example of finding friends helps with security is given here. My husband sometimes goes snowmobiling alone, and I ride a bicycle on a path without him.
If we need help on time or don’t go home, we can see each other in the right place.

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